iPlayer questions

I’m trying to understand how and when the iPlayer shows up on the SMP. I have bought an SMP in Thailand. I updated to the latest 1.07 firmware. The iPlayer service wasn’t showing. After reading some posts on these forums, I reset the SMP back to factory defaults, disconnected from the network and rolled back to the 1.06 firmware, but there is still no iPlayer. I understand I can’t watch video outside of the UK legally, but I can listen to live radio and some podcasts on my PC iPlayer. I was hoping that I could do the same with the SMP.

So the question is if I took this SMP to the UK and reset, would the iPlayer show up, ie is the SMP checking the location? Or is the SMP I bought in Thailand a different hardware version to the one sold in the UK?


I’d like to know about this too - I have an Australian ‘variant’ and wonder if it really “is” a variation, or just knows its location from the network connection.

I am now in Saudi Arabia and the iPlayer still isn’t showing, even after a rollback, reset and update. I may be making a visit to the UK in the near future. I’m trying to decide if I should take the SMP with me to satisfy my curiosity. My SMP should get frequent flyer miles :smileyvery-happy: