iPhone WD-MyCloud App - Uploading Photos & Videos with original Name and Date


uploading Photos and Videos with my iphone works fine … BUT …

why are the files renamed and given a new date of creation(= date of upload)???

Please change this and keep the original name and date of creation … second issue is

the most important, because when i upload older photos to my cloud 

and there is suddenly the date of today with the old foto… thats very confusing !!!

(By the way … Microsoft had the same problem with skydrive app in first versions … they solved is perfectly )

The issue of giving new date to uploaded files concerns even the windows desktop app … there

is also given a new date to files when uploading them

( i solved this problem by connection as a network drive an copy with windows, but thats no as convinient

as the wd my cloud desktop app)


Agreed!  I hate that it mixes up photo dates and the photos themselves!  

Very bad

Fully agree! The android apps maintain the exif data, not sure why iOS can’t. 

For what it’s worth, I can’t find out how to upload files other than photos / media files; e.g. a downloaded .pdf or whatever, doesnn’t seem to be in the list of things to uplaod using WDMycloud. 

i hope that problem to be fixed ASAP.

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WD App support: what is the expected fix date for this problem with the file renaming using ios WD app? it would be nice to at least have an answer, are you going to fix it at all, or are you going to stop supporting this app? I think it is highly inappropriate to keep your users hanging for this long on such a simple question. You have plenty of time to send out new marketing materials about new hardware, but where is this simple fix? 

News about it?

I use the android app and it would be nice if on the auto upload the date is set to the photo taken date and not the date the file was uploaded to the NAS drive.


I totally agree… 

I also find it frustrating that each time a family member uploads their photos not realizing they have done it already once before, that I have many duplicates of the same pictures…  The app should be intelligent enough to know what it has already uploaded to the NAS and not do it again.

I do not have this issue. I recently uploaded ALL our iPhones and iPads Camera Rolls to our WD NAS using the iOS My Cloud app. All dates, times etc. remained unchanged from the originals.

It helped to have the upload folders created beforehand. Now, all our photos and videos from all four devices are in separate folders for photos or videos and also for His and Hers

Agree that is a big problem
another problem is that you can’t sort your photos in the iOS App within a folder … i want to sort with the record date of any photo. That is not possible with the iOS version of WD mycloud and WD Photos

An absolute dealbreaker had I known this upfront purchase and must meanwhile be the most persistent deliberately ignored bug, as I fail to see any benefit in any use case to change the date (and name) at the time of uploading it to the server.

Can anyone refence any WD-official position on this?