iPhone File Transfer

I logged into the My Cloud app on my iPhone and selected the photos to transfer. All the photos show transferred properly in the mobile app when I look. However when I log into My Cloud from my laptop, none of the photos are showing up. Am I missing something? Why do they show up in the mobile app but not on my laptop.

They are probably still transferring, just let both devices do their thing for a few minutes. As with many file transfer apps and services, there can be multiple steps to the process that aren’t immediately apparent to the user. In this case, the app on your iPhone did finish transferring the pics, meaning that it gathered and copied them to a cache and then sent them across your network. Your My Cloud Home device has received them, but they’re probably just a bunch of compressed and temp files at the moment. It needs a few minutes to convert the files into viewable formats for your apps, along with creating thumbnails and extracting and reading metadata. And if it’s the first time you’ve done this, then it probably has to create some files for it to use for playback as well.

Best thing to do is once your iPhone transfer completes, just leave your phone alone for a few extra minutes. Don’t close or switch apps or change folder views, closing and opening and refreshing things may screw up things by clearing a cache or temp file that the My Cloud Home will be needing (for various reasons, such as file integrity verification) After a few minutes, you can go back to using your iPhone like usual. If you kept WD Discovery open or File Explorer open to the folder that you were expecting to see your files in, just close any open windows (file explorer) and click somewhere on the desktop to autohide WD Discovery (don’t close the app). And then just open a new File Explorer window and navigate back to your My Cloud Home and into its files and folders to find your stuff, or click on WD Discovery to open it again and open your My Cloud Home folders through there.

TLDR: just give it a couple minutes to look at what you just put into it, before asking it to open the files.