Iphone and wd photos

went thru and downloaded the new firmware and wd2go app as well. I have the photo app as well and deleted my original mylive drive from it the one that used mionet. Now i dont see any of my photos on my drive. It says they should be in shared folder which they are. In shred pictures in the hard drive itself. How can i get the app to see my pictures on the my live drive again.

Since you have just uploaded your firmware to version 2.0, you will need to wait for the new transcoder to re-transcode all of your files. Depending on how many .jpg/jpeg files you have, it could take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to complete.

Hi there, what if you reinstall the app and clear the cache?

Make sure you have downloaded the new WD Photos app posted to the app store (version 1.3). Then get a DAC just like you did with WD 2go app and enter that into WD Photos app. MioNet will no longer access you drive - only the WD 2go service.



Dear Laura,

I am having a similiar problem with WD Photo. I have approx. 24,000 photos in my Shared Picture folder. When I first hooked up MY BOOK LIVE 3TB and WD Photo it loaded about 2000 pictures then slowed to a crawl. I unplugged power and plugged in and the drive sped up. First downloading 2500 photos in 5 hours, then 1500, then 1000, then 600. Is there a better way to get all 23,000 photos faster? Can I set up a tech session too?


We have a KBA regarding the time required to transcode photos. It was estimated at approximately 30 seconds a photo. This KB article has a breakdown up to 20k photos for our users:


To set up a tech session you will need to make a WD Photos support ticket here: