Iphone 6s plus backup on my cloud mirror via my cloud app


I am able to backup my photos and videos from my older iPad via the my cloud app on iPad.
if i do the same for my iPhone 6s plus, no backup is happening. i also installed the my cloud app on the iPhone, allocated a separate folder, etc… no backup is happening.

what should i do?

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Hi, welcome to the community.

Have you tried to uploading the files manually using he app? What version of the IOS are you running?

Version 9.2.
How can I upload manually via iPhone? Sure I could just connect the iPhone by usb via the computer and upload to the cloud this way, but auto sync is the whole purpose not to forget to upload.

Thanks for your help.


Hello, I just tried on a friend Iphone, like yours is a 6+ with version 9.2, and to manually upload a file, you go into a share and on the top right of the app you will see 3 dots, press it and you will see the option to add a picture, select that and then select from which folder you want to upload the picture and then upload select the pictures you want to upload and press the upload option at the bottom right.

Other than uninstalling and re-installing the app I have no other ideas on how to resolve the auto upload issue.


Thank you for your help. till there is an update I will do it this way on a regular base.

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