iPhone 15 share uploading problem

I have had my new iPhone 15 from the day the 15 was released. And noticing an issue uploading large files to wdmycloud.
The file starts uploading, then the process bar starts to move faster then it just pops up the share options again.
I have tried it with many different size files because at first I thought it might have been the file.
My bad is on the newest firmware, and there are no updates for the OS5 app from the App Store.

Is anybody experiencing any problems?

I do have a screenshot video I have recorded showing the issue if it helps anyone identifying the issue.

I have problems with app because seems to be incompatible with buttons very near the edge of the iPhone 15PRO. Very difficult to access those corners of the screen, WD must update the app to make it compatible. Besides that, I didn’t experience failure in upload

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You’re right about the top buttons. I’m still having problems uploading large files around 400md
I have noticed turning lo cal access off in the my cloud OS5 App allows me to get a successful upload but it takes a lot longer than it dose using my old iPhone 12 with the allow network access enabled.

Here is a link to mine failing with local access turned on. Notice just before the end of the video the process Barr increases in speed then upload fails.

If this upload issue is present in the WD My Cloud OS5 mobile app. One possible workaround to the upload issue, if only uploading to a local network OS5 My Cloud, is to use a third party file manager app on the iPhone/iOS. Check the Apple app store as there are a number of file manager apps that will allow one to copy files to a local network NAS/storage device. Third party apps may not have some of the features the WD app has but it may at least allow for file copying to a local network My Cloud.

Found one. It’s definitely a problem with the OS5 app. Tried same file in both apps and fails with os5 but upload successful with trial app.

When you’re using the OS5 app you’re uploading remotely. Are router’s port properly configured?. Does app change to “local” mode when uploading within LAN?