IPAD WD2go WD photos access


I can see all my photos on WD2Go, and can download them to my iPAD, but I can’t actually use those files to upload to facebook?  They download to a mystery location and I can never see them outside of the WD2go app? Is this normal?

Why can’t I upload a photo directly to facebook via WD2go?

I have downloaded WD photos, and it has been days for all my photos to appear as thumbnails? why? when I can see them all via WD 2 gO?

I also have an Android phone, and the WD2Go app does everything so fast and easily…I can even upload direct to facebook…yet the Ipad apps are slow and so limited.

Am I doing something wrong here? or do WD apps for the ipad **bleep**?

Thanks for any insight!

You CAN upload directly to Facebook.

Just open the photo, hit the “action” button above the photo display area, and select “Upload to Facebook.”