iPad playback

I have a bunch of movies on my desktop that I want to platy on my iPad. I recently converted these files to a mp4 format so that I coud use the WD2go app to watch them . For whatever reason they play very slowly where it pauses every couple of seconds making it unbearable to watch when viewing it on the iPad. If I were to use my laptop or my net book these movies stream perfectly. Any ideas on what th issue could be? Thanks!

That can happen if the network connection from the MBL to the iPad doesn’t have enough bandwidth to download faster than it plays.

The WD 2go app will buffer quite a bit of video, so sometimes all you need to do is PAUSE it, let it buffer for a while (which you can see the buffering progress by watching the playback progress bar) and then resume.

If it catches up to the buffer, it will start pausing again.

In those cases, just download the video instead of trying to “stream it.”

Thanks for the quick response.

Just to clarify, are you streaming over your home LAN/Wifi or over 3G/4G? Streaming large files over phone networks can be slow.