IP of safepoint changed. How can I reconfigure to continue doing auto safepoints to the new IP?

We just got a new router which changed all the IPs in the house. All I want to do is set up WDMYCLOUD to continue backing up safepoints like usual to the old location, just with new IP addresses.

In the short term, I’ve just created a new safepoint to backup to the new IP and scheduled it to start later. But the first safepoint always takes forever, and I don’t need it to redo everything - I already HAVE safepoints there, exact same computer, just a new IP. I cannot change the IP to the old one because our new network runs on 192.168.0, while the old one was 192.168.1.

If it helps, I have two identical WDMYCLOUD drives. One is the primary, and the other is strictly for backups. After getting our new router I simply want to remind the primary to continue backing up to the same old computer like usual, just with the new IP.

I have reconfigured both drives to a new static IP, as well as configuring the router to reserve those IPs for them. That much is working. But I do not know how to get the old safepoints to appear in the WD control panel. Please note that I do not wish to actually RESTORE anything at this point - I just want to continue backing up like usual without having to completely restart.

If I do have to restart, am I going to have to wipe the backup drive clean to make room for the new stuff??

Thanks for your help.


I recommend you contact WD support about this.