IOS popup alerts not persistent - ReadyView

Been bench testing testing the WD ReadyView system prior to physical install of cameras and discovered a reoccurring problem with IOS popup notifications only working for a few hours at most once.

Running IOS 12.3.1 on both our Iphone 8’s and with latest NVR / camera firmware. Once the popup notifications stop appearing on the Iphone the only way I found to restore operation is to delete the Iphone app on the Phone and reinstall…then popup notifications work again on both phone but only for a few hours at most. All Iphone notifications are enabled on the app.

Once the notifications stop appearing the events do still show up when I query the “alert manage” log. So the ReadyView system does see them always but the the Iphone popup just does not appear anymore.

This seems to be a bug / issue with the IOS app and not sure how to resolve. Any ideas appreciated or I will have to return the system which I really don’t want to do since it seems to work well otherwise.


6/6/19 Update: spoke at length with John from WD support and he is proceeding to escalate with engineering for a solution. He confirmed system (app) is not performing correctly. Will update once I hear back.

6/13/19 Update: level II techs at WD today advised me to return the system as WD can’t (won’t) fix this confirmed software problem with WD ReadyView IOS app. They confirmed it is not a hardware / configuration problem. Totally disappointed with lack of WD response to resolve this issue.

6/22/19 Update: As instructed by WD Tier II support I returned the original purchase and replaced with a new unit. The exact same problem is occurring with IOS alerts not working consistently or at all still occurs. Has anyone else seen this issue on either IOS or Android mobile app ? The app does not have a good reputation based on reviews.

I’m having the same problem as of today. Won’t notify me but show up in folder. I ran multiple lines and now this happens. Sigh… might be returning it, if it doesn’t work tomorrow.

I also experience this problem. Fortunately I am not dependent on the feature working but it certainly should. I definitely appears to be a firmware issue to me… hopefully if enough people report the issue it will get resolved in future updates. It weird that I seem to see them randomly as in, periodically I will see a few one day then it stops.

Have the same problems with iOS. Android works fine.