iOS numbers and Windows excell

Hi all

I have had the WD Cloud for over a year now and am happy with it, but it’s started a problem today, on my Windows pc I do some work on a excell spread sheet, then I save it to the WD Cloud, all is good at this stage, I open my iPad and find the link to the spread sheet, then I open it in Numbers. This has been working fine for the last year , but today it’s just not working, I can’t open the sheet, I can see it. I have restarted everything several times, the little circle in the top is spinning. any help !

Hello, have you tried removing the WD My Cloud application from the ipad and installing it again? Most of the application related issues tend to be solved like this.

Thanks for the reply, I have just deleted and reinstalled and still no luck. ?

Every time I start to open the excel file it freezes half way, then I have to restart the iPad ?

Can someone please tell me what the little arrow is on Logings, this is the file I’m have trouble opening on my iPad.

That little arrow generally denotes (at least on my Android devices) a file that has been downloaded on the mobile device.

Have you updated iOS or Numbers recently?

Or the WD App?

Or Excel?

Have you used any new Excel functions to the spreadsheet (that may not be supported by Numbers).

It sounds like a problem with app/program, rather than a storage/networking issue.

Why do your .xlsx files have ‘(Autosaved)’ in the filename? This looks to me to be Excel’s working file, dumped to disk during Excel activity, but normally deleted when you close the file. I’m not sure that this is actually a real Excel file. Maybe you need to ask on an Excel forum.

Yes, typically that “autosaved” file is an indication that the file was or is currently open in Excel (or Word or Power Point). Those files can remain if Excel crashes for any reason. Will be interesting to see what the OP says about those files and if those files are currently open on any other computer or mobile device.

Thanks The auto save is just the file name. I have been saving like this for over a year, updated to the new cloud desk top app and now I cant open excel

the folder logins will not open on the ipad/iPhone. but I have just done a dummy excel sheet and it opened in numbers.? have look at all the setting in excel between the two sheets can see any difference in the settings ??

I’d probably advise against using such a filename, as it may well confuse Excel.

You can’t open the file using the WD Desktop app on your Windows PC?

If you’re using the Desktop app on your PC local to your network, you’d be much better off mapping the MyCloud into Windows’ file system, as a named drive, and accessing it using File Explorer. This allows any program to treat the MyCloud just like any other locally attached disk drive.

The WD apps are not essential to access the MyCloud; it’s just a NAS that can be mapped into your file system.

That suggests a problem with the file in question, and/or interaction between Excel and Numbers.

But I have been using the file for a year without any problems, doing what I’m trying todo now

Thanks for the information.

It appears to be a working Excel file, dumped to disk while Excel runs but usually deleted when the file is closed. I’m not sure if this is a real Excel file. That’s because the file is called ““Autosave.”” Or did you call it that yourself? I’m now reading about a solution that regularly synchronizes data between the source and target applications. For example, you can set up to automatically export data from Google Sheets each day to an Excel book. It allows any program to treat MyCloud like any locally connected drive. If you are using a desktop application on your computer locally on your network, you would be much better off mapping MyCloud to the Windows file system as a named drive and accessing it using Explorer.