iOS MCH 4.2.0 + FW 7.2.0-111: read and write support for iOS Files

They updated the iOS app so it now integrates within iOS Files. Should make it a ton times more useful for everyone on iOS.


@SBrown do you know whether WD will support FileProvider API on macOS Catalina?

Firmware update too.

Firmware 7.2.0-111 (2/10/2020)

  • Support for iOS Files App (READ/WRITE)
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Was just thinking of posting the iOS update - they finally added the v4 update notes to 4.2 or whatever it is now…
I’ve decided that I ain’t updating their software until I know what they changed…so still on 3.9

Thanks for the update info.:+1:t2:

My Wd discovery with Catalina can’t make update of firmware I’m still on version 7.0.0129, as I understand there is no chance to force update is just question of time when MCH will download this firmware, or exist some another way to date my cloud home? tsk

It’s been updated to 7.2.0 over the night here, from 7.1.0.

My is still on