iOS app for WD My Cloud - No Full screen viewVideos

Hi All,

Is there a way where-in we can view videos in fullscreen in iPad from the WD My cloud iOS app?? I m unable to view the video in fullscreen whle playing.

Double-tap the video.

Thanks so much. What i found was double tap is not wokring properly. Upon playing the video, in the Landscape mode, there is a icon in the top left to make it fullscreen. In this view, there is a title bar and bottom bar for meda controlling. If we have a single tap over this,the top and bottom bar disappears and  again tapping once, these two bars disappears.

stopping the video could have been a nice option given which is missing. only way to navigate out is through some ohter flie click or come out of the app.

Oh, Ok – we were talking two different things.  :)

What you’re referring to is “dismissing” the navigation pane so the player pane is full screen.

What I was (errantly) referring to was how to expand that’s not perfectly 4:3 Aspect Ratio to fill the screen (getting rid of Pillar or Letterboxes.)