IOS 11 Question


I know, I know it is a beta release but has anyone had any success connecting an IOS 11 (in my car an iPhone 7) to the current microcode level v04.05.00-315. When I load the  on my iPhone it immediately terminates. I wonder if it immediately checks my IOS level and terminates.

App won’t open on iOS 11

Overwhelming response levels I guess I can wait a few more days¿


Hi Klaatu1947,

WD does not officially support beta version of iOS and thank you so much for reporting the issue. We will pass it along to the engineering team.


Have you reported this to Apple’s beta feedback?


I will report it today, good suggestion.


same issue; iOS beta 7 now out and hoping they fixed this else may need to report as well


No luck, problem exists with IOS Beta 7.


My Cloud worked for me iOS 11 betas 1-5. It stopped working for 6 and now beta 7. I’m hoping this gets fixed fairly quickly. WDC needs to keep up with the latest and greatest…for users that do the same.


Try not using beta software. Or roll back to iOS 11b5.

Beta software is the latest, but it’s rarely ‘the greatest’. It is not ‘formally issued’ code, and the whole point of beta releases is to find bugs. Beta users are expected to accept that beta releases won’t work properly. If that causes a problem for them, they should stop using the beta release, and revert to a known good version.

You’ve found a bug. Report it to the developer of the beta software: Apple.


WD is aware of the issue with beta users for iOS 11. We’ve identified the problem and are working to release an update in the near future.

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it also exists with beta 8.


New version Apple MyCloud application released today released today. Works perfectly.


Updated. Seems to work.
Can view disk over cellular data.


WD released an updated version of the My Cloud App on 9/11/17 which resolves the issue. Please update your My Cloud app to the latest release.


Please release your update also in AppStore in Japan.