Internet dropped at home and now cannot access my Live Book -Pls help?


I hope somebody can help me.

I have a 3tb WD Live Book attached to my router, and I stream my music to my player downstairs.

My internet is down, and this in turn has meant that I cannot now access my music. I have fiddled about, but I cannot access the UI interface properly - sometimes I can sign in, sometimes I can’t, but my player just won’t recognise my Twonky server or anything.

I have rescanned my media, and that all seems fine, and my WD Live Book looks ok, all lights are fine, but just nothing shows when I try to play music…

I suspect this is a network issue, but I am a bit of a novice, and can’t live without my music, can somebody pls pls help me?


Hi, internet access is not needed to access the files in the my book locally you need to check that the MBL and the music player are connected to the same router and that the MBL front light is green, if the problem continues press the reset button on the back of the MBL for 4 seconds.

Hi Alucardx,

The MBL is constantly flashing green, as if it’s constantly scanning for music.  I have tried to reset it, but to no avail. Do you suggest I try to rebuild my database or do you think it could be a router issue, as it worked fine before my Virgin broadband disconnected?  I have a DIR-615 router…

Thanks for your help in advance Alucardx

Hm, maybe your browser is trying to get to a DNS server to resolve the name?  Did you try typing in the IP directly?