Internet Dongle Help


I just brought a WD TV Live HD and was wondering about connecting my unit to the internet without the ether net cable, I hear you can buy a wi-fi dongle to connect to the unit and connect to your router wirelessly. Could someone please send me a link for good one please.


My router is a Belkin one.

Here is the list of the approved USB WiFi adaptors. The version / revision numbers are very important.

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Are dongles plug n play?  I came home with the WD TV LIVE today - along with the Buffalo Wireless-N Nfiniti (WLI-UC-G300HP) - but it’s not working.  Is a setup required via a desktop first for the dongle?  If so, am I out of luck since I have a Mac and not a PC (the Nfiniti is PC only).  Any suggestions?

Never mind!  I neglected to go into the network setup earlier.  Thanks - but I helped myself.

Is the firmware at the latest version on WD live?

I’ve had my WD HD Live for several months now… and I couldn’t get my ASUS usb wifi adapter to work (WD box would not recognize it… no light… nothing.)…  But there were recently a couple of big updates to the firmware (adding a lot of internet capabilities… mediafly, flingo, facebook…) and after getting the upgrade I tried the Asus adapter and it worked perfectly the first time.