Internet Connectable TV's

Okay, so i was lookin at buying a new flat screen for the bedroom (somewhere around 37"-46") and i seen that there are now some internet connectable WiFi ready TV’s…

Does this mean i can just stick a WiFI adapter in it? or does it already come with a built in WiFi adapter, and either way… will this allow me to stream all my movies off my hub right to this TV?

Do these internet ready tv’s have like an some kind of operating system, that would allow me to set up a network and play my movies off my hub/my pc or would i need some other sort of device that plays movies as the tv alone wouldn’t have a video player or the codecs to play them? how would this work? is the internet ready just for the apps or whatever that come built into the tv?

The answer to all of your questions is “It depends on the TV.”

Different TVs have more or less support for all of that stuff.

One thing is for sure:   **I** wouldn’t give ANY weight to those features at ALL.    A $2000 TV that comes with Vudu should not beat a better TV that costs $2300 and doesn’t have ANY internet services.

The only thing that I give a little weight to is automatic firmware updates.

If you can buy a little set-top box for $100 that does everything (and usually much more) than your TV does, just consider those features “gravy” and nothing else.

Plus, one should expect to keep that TV for at least 10 years.   It’s a heck of a lot cheaper and easier to replace that $100 STB when new ones have better features than to replace that $2000 TV when a new one comes around that adds support for the latest fad service.

well i was actually lookin at an LG-- i dont use any of the apps on the WD HUB, and i wont use any of the ones on The TV-- the TV’s a 42" for $550 on

So its an LG, It’s 1080p, its a 42", and its only $550 – plus it’s internet ready…

So if i would be able to use the Remote that comes with this LG TV, to navigate my WD TV HUB / External Hard Drive along with my PC’s network shared files, without having to buy another set top box… that was probably be an automatic buy for me. Cuz then i could have my set top box in my living room connected to my 50" and be able to stream all those movies to this TV which i want to put in my bedroom.

What do u think? probably not possible without some sort of unup/dlna device connected to it? or would this TV allow for me to navigate a wireless network and play movies off my hub and steam them to this tv?