Internet and new home

I use my “My Cloud EX2 Ultra” as a backup for all my work files.
In a week or so I’m going to leave my current house and I need to use the NAS as soon possible.
What should I do in order to use it in the same way I’m using it now without loosing the files?
Internet provider and router will change, is there any procedure to follow to make this transition from my old home to my new one as smooth as possible?

Is your device still on OS3? Your device is not a WDMYCLOUD.

My suggestion is, be sure that when the router is set up that you give it the same name as the old one and the bands the same Usernames and Passwords as was used before. This should let your device connect as if nothing has changed.

First, there are dedicated subforums for the EX2 Ultra, depending on which firmware one is using, where users of that device may be better able to assist with specific EX2 Ultra questions, issues or problems.

OS3 My Cloud EX2

OS5 My Cloud EX Series

You may want to backup any contents on the My Cloud before moving it to a new home/location. The My Cloud Dashboard includes a backup option called “Backup” that will facilitate backing up the My Cloud data to either a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud’s USB port or to another location on the local network.

After powering down the My Cloud and moving it to a new location, connecting it to broadband router/gateway and powering it on, one can check with a computer connected to the same new broadband router to see if they can access the My Cloud Dashboard or any Shares. If one is unable to access the My Cloud try performing a 4 second reset which will reset the Static IP or DHCP option back to DHCP.

My Cloud OS 3: Pin Reset & System Only Restore

My Cloud OS 5: Pin Reset & System Only Restore

For additional assistance see the Knowledge Base link at the top of the page where you search for additional WD Support Knowledge Base Articles on the My Cloud.