Internet acces trouble

My internet provider to give me access, I drift to a private website where it asks for a password to login. The point is that the browser does not have on my WD Live Plus, with which to access the private site, check the connection is successful but, in attempting to access services like Netflix, deezer, etc because you can not clear, log on failure .

Tell us what WD player you have. You are posting in the old Live / plus forum but it sounds like you may have the newer Live Streaming player. I assume that you need a browser logon to get access to the internet. If you have the newer WD player there is a hidden browser you can use. Enter Setup / enter about screen / press search button on remote. Browser appears, use USB keyboard to enter details. Press home button on remote to quit browser.
Unfortunately if you do have the older player this will not work.

HI, Tanks for ask! I have the  “WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player Full HD 1080p with Netflix”

i think this WD player dont have “about screen” option on Setup menu item. it´s that posible?

If dont, there is a way to share my pc screen on my tv whit this WD player?

i wait for u help!

OK my mistake you do have the WD Live plus and that does not have the browser,