Internat drive broken, need help with new drive


The internal drive is broken on my hub, I have taken it out for testing and it is dead for sure (tested on my PC).

I really want a harddrive and understood after seaching here that I have to have a WD drive, would it work with the 500 gb or does it have to be 1T?

And the file structure on the drive, I would like to fix it as it was on the old one . As I want use themes and want to use the iPhone app WD photos and uppload my photos to the harddrive, U quess it have to be to the internal drive.

I am from Sweden so sorry for my bad english :wink:

I think it has to be a WD Scorpio Blue.

I don’t really think the size is critical.   However, PHYSICALLY, the Non-1T drives are a bit “thinner”, so they will not fit snuggly in the mount.

I called the support, they maybe can repalce it, if not they will tell what drive to put in.

Well, IF the drive doesn’t fit snugly you could add a little foam tape along the edges to snug it up.