Internal server error

I just bought my My Book Live 2TB and I have problems to manage users and log in to the server. If I click on User link on dashboard it says: 32102-Error retreiving user information. Internal server error. If I try to activate remote access then it says:  31559-Error adding mobile devices. Internal server error. 

Also I can only connect as guest since it asks username and password which I do not know. “admin” and “admin” do not work.

Hope that anybody can help.

I got you covered. See here for the fix…

Thanks for a quick replay, but it says that Safary cannot find the server…

The URL is case sensitive


And if you renamed your drive to for example NAS

You would have to type



If that doesn’t work, try another browser


I haven’t changed the name and in the dashboard settings it also shows MyBookLive as a name. I tried also chrome, but doesn’t help.


Any other idea what to do?


Maybe it is related with the Utility, since this link do not give error message but keeps retreiving the info without response… 

You might try to upgrade the firmware from the dashboard, or does that give an error message as well?

This is up to date. last update Thu 20 Dec 2012 07:38:56 PM EET

my bad, since I have mac I should have entered mybooklive.local/UI/ssh… now I was able to enable ssh.

Great! Let me know how you make out :slight_smile:

ssh command in terminal asks only password, not username. and the password welc0me do not help, permission denied…

I think with terminal you have to login to the drive like

ssh root@mybooklive.local


Your welcome, I will update my guide with the mac terminal instructions