Internal Hard Drive Replacement

can you replace the internal hard drive incase of failure or to upgrade, is it as easy as just opening and replaceing drive? thank you.

Yes, it is just a 2.5" laptop SATA disk. And after the latest firmware upgrade it doesn’t appear anything other than your media is stored on it. Although at this point I think it would be covered by warranty, no?

Yep, just remove and replace.  HERE’s  the drive.  And I believe that it has to be a WD drive.

It has to be the same drive due to the internal size limitations and it does need to be a WD drive. You just unplug the original drive and plug in the new drive. It then tells you that it must be formatted and after you agree the hub does the format.

so you cannot throw in a 2TB or larger?

00bolt wrote:

so you cannot throw in a 2TB or larger?

You may be able to if you can get one that is the correct size and from WD.