Internal backups to private shares: not working

Hi all.
I have a 3TB MyCloud with firmware 2.11.140. I’m having a problem with the internal backups, so I kindly ask your opinions about it.
Assume I have 3 shares called share1, share2 and shareBCK.
I want to set up an internal backup from share1 and share2 (both private) to shareBCK, with a weekly recurrence.
What i see is that:

  • if shareBCK is public, the backup works correctly;
  • if shareBCK is private, the backup does not work. In detail, after setting up the backup job from the dashboard and clicking OK, the job list is still empty. Moreover, if I set the share as private only after having set up up the backup job, i’ll have it in the jobs list but the backup won’t start.
    Evidently, is important to have the possibility to set the backup share as private, because if it wasn’t, it would not have any sense to set permissions to share1 and share2.
    Do you have any hint/solution/workaround to making internal backups to private shares?


Are you trying to backup from/to the same My Cloud (No external drive)?

Yes, the internal backup uses between different shares of the same MyCloud as source and destination.
(Btw, I’ve tried also the USB backup: it works well setting the destination share as private, but i can’t use it because this backup can’t be scheduled.)

I don’t know your situation, so may I respectfully ask, “Why would you want to “Backup” to and from the same device?” If that drive ever failed, and it will eventually, both your original and backup copies are lost.

You might not be able to schedule a Backup on the GEN 2 devices (Firmware 2.x) to an external drive, but you can manually update them. Yes, not a perfect situation but doable.

For the private share, has the administrator account been granted full access to that share?

I would seem you may be trying to use the backup feature in a way it may not have been designed. And while it may work it may not work correctly. Typically one is using the Backup (or Safepoint on v4.x My Clouds) feature/option to backup the My Cloud to another external device like an attached USB external hard drive or external local network location. Doing a backup to an internal location on the hard drive within the same My Cloud doesn’t provide redundancy if the entire hard drive becomes corrupted or the firmware becomes non functional.

The reason is the following: I have to store on my USB drive the backups of the last 5 working days.
I’m trying to minimize the manual work needed to accomplish that task, as i’ll need to instruct someone to do that (when i did not have the MyCloud, everything was made automatically by cobian backup… but it seems that it’s not possible with MyCloud).

So, i thought to do as follows (first method):

  1. create 5 different internal backup jobs with weekly redundancy (e.g.: a job called mondayjob that every monday back ups the shares to the backup share/ monday folder, a job called tuesdayjob, …). Doing so, a backup would be made automatically every working day.
  2. create a single USB backup job that every day backups (syncs) the entire backup share to the USB drive. This task should be started manually everyday.
    Now, i see that the point 1 can’t be accomplished because of the private share limitations.

So (second method), i could create 5 different USB backup jobs (called mondayjob, … fridayjob) that should be started manually and that, every day of the week, syncs the shares to the corresponding folder on the usb drive.
Ok, this is a simpler solution, but it relies more on the user (which, every day, should remember to go the dashboard and start the job corresponding to the related day of the week).

Are you sure that the USB backups cannot be scheduled? Is there any different way to accomplish what i’m trying to do?

Thanks for reading.

The v2.x firmware version My Clouds do not have a scheduler feature with the USB Backup feature/option. This oversight by WD has been discussed and complained about in previous threads and in the Cloud Ideas subforum:

I am having the same problem, I can not back up internally to a “not public” folder. I use the WD 6TB Mirror HD as a small server in a 10 person office, each and everyone has different access to folders on the “server” but recently someone deleted a file and now I want to make backup’s of everything but I don’t want the people seeing the back up as some files are not relevant to them. So I would like to make a back up internally of all the folders to a “none public” folder but it does not allow it. Any ideas how to get around this?