Intermittant Windows Security Password

When I try and view the NAS through W8.1 Exploer using Network/MYBOOKLVE/Public on occassion it asks for usernamer/password from Windows security (which I’ve not setup).  After a few attempts it goes away and lets me in.  If I view via the IP ( it always works straight away and then usually makes the way above work straight away too.  It’s like sometimes it’s trying to connect and when it deosn’t quite manage it, it brings the username/password box.  But, sometimes it works first time

Any advice as to the best way to get past this? I could just use the IP address but its set to dynamic and would be irritated if all my shortcuts are based on an IP that changes.  I guess I could use a  static IP but have noticed that if I have to reset then they would all be lost.  Not the end of the world as I’d just set it up again but I can’t help thinking that it shouldn’t be this way,

Is this a common issue and which way to most people view it/set it up?

Thanks in advance.

Since it works with IP but not name and you are not set to static, it sounds as you have issues with DNS. It could be MBL gets a new IP and for some reason DNS take a bit to update. Hard to tell, you would have to research your network and whoever your DNS server is.

However, If you ask me, there are two options:

  • DHCP reservation for MBL, most routers support it

  • Static IP

I would not worry about reset, had mine for about 2 yrs, no resets at all, not even once. And once you master setting static IP, it takes 2mins.

Thanks. Although its dynamic it seems to be settled on -not changed even after few reboots so making static ip will mean I can view through ip but dont think it would solve problem when viewing through name as it would not be any different ti current setup of an unchanging dynamic ip.

You are having DNS issues, that is the bottom line. This is assuming IP works all the time. It could be DNS server, DNS cache, DNS TTL, etc.

DHCP leases will usually expire in 24hrs, depends how your DHCP server is set, so a few quick reboots will not change it, even though, it might. Just as there is a chance it will change every 24hrs.

Setting Static\DHCP reservation might solve it  as once it registers with the DNS server, it should never change.

But lets see if anyone else has any other ideas.

Will go that route, thank you.