Interesting Full Restore Behavior

This is an FYI - I just did a full restore (using the web interface) on my DL4100 (24TB). I just SSH’d back in, and ghuess what… the former docker containers are still there. So does that mean that it isn’t a ‘real’ restore? Anyone know how to do a true restore?


And I just realized that this is on my Home Screen. I am pretty sure when I first received the unit, it did not include 213GB of movies, etc. etc. Maybe I misunderstand the words on the Full Restore instruction page where it states, “The My Cloud DL4100 device can be restored from the Dashboard to its original factory settings with the option to have all data securely erased.”.

Update… I decided to do a Full Restore again… Started it at Midnight, and it is now 9:00 AM, with 38% complete. Perhaps it never completed the first time or was interrupted (perhaps by me) the first time. Will report back.

Noon - 52% done.

11:10PM - 99% Done…
Just checked again, and…

11:19PM - 28% Done. (Perhaps it is going through a quick verification maybe?)
11:31PM - 84% Done. (Seems to support the above statement)

11:44PM - Rebooted. Showing 17.9 TB Free. About 250 GB showing in the Other Category. Everything else shows 0.

The docker images command shows no images in memory.

So, for my 24TB drive, it took close 23 Hours and 45 minutes to rebuild a factory restore the second time around. (I had to do it twice.) SO 2 days total to reset the device to factory settings. It retained the most up to date firmware.

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I’m glad the process has been completed and the unit appears to be working properly.

I am hoping my post will help someone. Nutshell: Use Web Interface to do a full restore. Then do it again. Plan for about 2 days. :slight_smile: