Installing windows on NVME SSD SN750

I recently purchased a WD_Black SN750 250GB model. The SSD both works properly and brilliantly when I have moved my games and other things onto it. However, I recently restarted my whole computer and cleared my HDD (which had windows on it) and my ssd. I then tried to reinstall windows using my Windows installation USB. Which I know for a fact is not faulty, as I just reinstalled windows back onto my HDD. Obviously, the main selling point of an SSD is the fact you can download windows onto it and increase your boot times. This was my aim and still is, however when installing windows, the drive is not recognised. Therefore, I cannot install windows onto the SSD. Does anyone know how to make it so that the drive is recognised? As even when I type ‘diskpart’ then ‘disklist’ in the CMD in the trouble shooting area, the drive isn’t detected. However, when on installed windows the drive is detected and operational. If anyone could help me with this issue id be greatly appreciative.