Installing WD My Cloud to a new laptop with Windows 10 SSD - will it work?

Really need some techy help! I am about to buy a new business laptop, am looking at Lenovo L560. When trying to determine which internal hard drive to purchase, there’s a choice of 1TB HDD, then varying GBs of ‘SSD SATA3’ and ‘SSD SATA3 OPAL2.0 - Capable’. Having read up on the difference between HDD & SSD, I would definitely prefer to choose SSD bearing in mind I would like to use my 2TB My Cloud external hard drive for extra storage. But I am unsure what the OPAL2.0 is and whether I would need it to use an external hard drive.

Question is - will the My Cloud device work with the Lenovo if I choose a hard drive of SSD SATA3 only? Or do I need to choose SSD SATA3 OPAL2.0 - Capable ?? I don’t want to go for the highest spec only to find out the My Cloud device will not work with the laptop. And it’s Windows 10 Pro. Would be very grateful of any advice before I go ahead with anything. Thanks in advance.

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[/quote] When unsure of what something is you can always highlight it and do a search, Google it or use your favorite search engine.

You may want to visit the Learning Center and check the information provided, .

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Thanks - although I have already googled/used search engine and also I have looked through WD website and still struggling to find the answer - unless I’m blatantly missing something?!

An SSD behaves like a fast HDD. That’s it.

It should have no impact on the use of a MyCloud.

As cat0w has shown, OPAL is a secure disk. Do you need this security?

BUT a MyCloud IS NOT AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE. It’s a NAS; a Network Attached Storage.

If all you want is an external HDD, and don’t need an always-on file server and media server that is accessible outside your home network, buy a USB HDD.

The MyCloud is not encrypted.

Thanks cpt_paranoia, your response was a lot clearer - this now makes perfect sense (I just needed Lehmans terms!) and you have answered my question. I realise I should not have referred to the My Cloud as an external hard drive and stand corrected! I bought the My Cloud a while back and had forgotten its true function which led me to panic momentarily when buying a new laptop and considering compatability.

Many thanks to you both for providing me with peace of mind :smile:

I use a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 NVMe drive as my boot drive and I have no issues with the network or accessing either My Cloud NAS’es. You can use the My Cloud as a file server, through your network, if that is what you have.