Installing programs on wd my book studio


I was thinking to use my wd as a disk for music-programs. I´m running out of space on my internal disk. I´m using a macbook pro.  When I try to install a program on the wd it says that I need to install it on a disk that can run the os x cd (?). Do I need to install os x (is that possible?) on the wd? Or can I do something else? 

Thanks !! 

It would be easier if you just direct the music program

to save your work (data) to the WD external drive instead.

Here is how:

Install and run the Music program to the internal hard drive. It runs faster than external drive.

Create a folder on the WD external drive and name it  “My Music”

When the music program ask where to save your works (file).

Just direct (point) it to “My Music” folder on the WD external drive.

FYI: You can install OS to WD drive, you also need to install Music program there to run.

Then you would save your work there.

The suggestion above would save you lots of time.