Installing new hard drives in EX2 Ultra and what to expect

I just purchased a EX2 Ultra NAS with NO hard Drives
Installed in 2 x 1TB WD Red Hard Drives.
Turned on power
Power led - Blue
HD Leds - Looks like Solid purple colour( Does not look anything like red)
I have logged in to the NAS - Under Storage - Disk Status - Disk health - Healthy

When I click on System Disks - It just says ‘Please wait’ ( You can see a sphere turning light blue to dark blue).
Is it formatting the drives?
How long does it take?
Or is there something wrong?



Are you still experiencing this?

Are you able to access the user interface?


Thanks for your e-mail.
The problem seemed to be resolved after I reseated the hard drives in the

Once again, thanks for your prompt reply.


Win Shaw