Installing new hard drives in diskless ex4100 - do I need to format first?

New EX 4100 diskless with 4 4TB red Pro drives in machine. Pwr light solid blue. Drive lights are solid red, healthy stays, IP on. Not found on Mac OS. No access to dashboard. Tried all resets. Do I need to format disks before installing in EX4100?


Please login to the dashboard and create a volume

You did see the users comment about “No access to dashboard” right ? Not a very helpful answer SBrown…

Thxs Jedi for actually reading my post. After contacting tech support they determined, after a few tests, that I have 4 defective red pro drives. Unbelievable? Especially since the display on the ex4100 said drives are healthy at first. It was only after several attempts at taking drives in and out did the display actually show bad drives. Not sure what that means.
So, Sent them and Cloud drive back to Newegg yesterday. Going for preconfigured NAS -cheaper route -with standard red drives.
Takeaway- the drives don’t have to be formatted first. The ex4100 does that for you - of course you have to be able to access the dashboard to do that. I’m a rookie at this, but I’m learning fast.

@JediNite sure did read the OP as quoted above

If the device has an IP address (can be seen from the LED screen) then the OP could type the IP address in the browser and the dash dashboard should come up. It doesn’t matter if the drive LED are all RED (no volume created or bad drives) and you can even remove all 4 drives and still access the dashboard.

SCENARIO #1 No Drives in the unit

With no drives in the unit, power off and on the device and it should get an IP
Type the IP in the browser and login as admin with no password.
The screen will say “insert some drives”

SCENARIO #2 Drives in the unit but all RED Led

Access the dashboard using the IP.
The screen will say “create a volume”
Once the volume is created, you have a My Cloud

@paul3 - That is very, very unlucky and very hard to believe. Wonder if there was some sort of defect in the NAS itself that prevented it from finding the drives right. Would have been interesting to test the drives in a normal PC and see if they were found okay.