Installing flexget on MyCloud 4TB

I have the WD MyCloud 4TB and I am trying to get flexget running on it.  (Here is the install guide).

The only thing I did before following this guide was “apt-get update”.

I am having trouble finding the config file. Flexget normally looks for it at: ~/.flexget/config.yml

So in root home directory I use:


nothing shows up, so I use:

mkdir /root/.flexget

I get told “mkdir: cannot create directory `/root/.flexget’: File exists”


cd /root/.flexget

I get  “-bash: cd: /root/.flexget: No such file or directory”

Now I don’t know much about using linux but I have installed flexget on other devices and I can follow simple instructions :smiley: but I am not sure what I should be doing when things go wrong.

I am also going to raise this with flexzget incase they can help me but it seems to me that the problem is with the device.

Can anyone help me? Has anyone had flexget running and do you know what I may have done wrong.

Hi, this type of modifications are not support and could void the warranty. Maybe some of the other users can participate an give you some advice.