Installing a fan - my cloud single bay

I have a second gen single bay My Cloud NAS. I want to install a fan over the unit (somehow) and welcome any ideas or suggestions on what fan to buy and how to power it that could work. The drive runs consistently at 55-59 degrees C. When I placed a battery operated hand held fan over the top vents to pull air up and out, the temperature dropped dramatically to 35 - 40 degrees C within a few minutes. A fan will go a long way to helping extend the life of this unit.

Any suggestions?

Likely the easist, if one isn’t using the My Cloud’s USB port, is to use a fan powered by the USB port. Something like this:

There are any number of fans you could use to blow air through a single bay My Cloud case. You could even remove the outer shell of the single bay My Cloud enclosure if one so desired. No doubt some have used a Dremel or similar to cut additional venting holes in the My Cloud enclosure or cut out a window to mount a fan.

This is excellent, thank you!
I was also thinking of using a laptop “cooler” which usually have a couple of fans in them blowing upward. I would place the single bay my cloud over it and perhaps that would work also?
But taking off the case and using the fan you linked in your reply should keep it nice and cool.

Anything that helps moves the air inside the My Cloud enclosure would work.

I had an old battery operated fan which also has a USB port … so I connected it as you suggested to the USB port of the NAS, took off the cover and had the fan blow air straight onto the disk and control board.
WOW! What a difference. Instead of 59 degrees C, the NAS is at 30 degrees C, while reading and writing (serving music files). It doesn’t budge in temperature.

This is not a permanent solution, just an experiment. The fan I amusing is more of a toy than something for long term (free gift when you buy a battery), but it proved the purpose.

I ordered the fan you suggested. Thanks!