Installer Window

Ever since I installed a Passport Elite last week on my Windows XP computer, a Windows Installer window pops up briefly every time I open an application.  It’s just there for a moment or two and says “preparing to install”.  Then it goes away.  Everything seems to be working fine.  Anyone have any ideas why?

Thanks in advance!

sounds to me that your operating System is looking for the SES Drives of your Paspport …

Solution Below :

Windows Xp, Vista , 7 : Right Click in My computer / Computer >Manage > Device manager >Under Usb Serial Bus Controllers you Should find an Unknown Device If so >Right Click on it >Update Drivers > Update drivers Wizard will Come up >Not no this time , Next >Install from a list or Specific Location > Browse for it >My computer / Computer >Wd smartware Vcd > Extras >Wd Ses Drivers folder , Select that one and Next … and Finish

-that should Solve this Issue

Hope it Helps :slight_smile:

Hi Gab,

Thanks for the response.

My Passport was recognized in the device manager as a “Mass Storage Device”.  There were no unknown devices in the USB Serial Bus Controller.  I tried to update the driver anyway and a message came up reading that there is not a better driver option than the one installed.  I still get the Windows Installer popping up when I open an app.  Any other thoughts or ideas?

Thanks in advance.  -Ken

Ohhh! , Well another thing that i could suggest you is the following :

1- Emm try to use a Scan utility for you Operating system that could check for errors on it and BTW repair them , thats just to make sure that nothing was affected with the operating system itself, an example below :

TUNE UP Utilities is a tool that i’ve used before which is extremely helpful and you can get a Free version if you search for it in ‘‘GOOGLE.COM’’

This Its The Version Of The Passport Elite That Have The Wd Smartware? Do You Have Installed The Wd Smartware? Or You Are Trying To Install The Wd Smartware?

Read comments above to understand the issue :slight_smile: