Installation of WD 2.5'' SATA to Raspberry Pi Adapter Board

Hello All,

I need help to get the WD 2.5’’ SATA to Raspberry Pi Adapter Board running.
Which image do I need and how can I install it?
I found no installation guide or documentation on WDLABS.

Can somebody help?


Sorry- the setup instructions document was originally provided on the main site but was removed by accident when the site went through a major overhaul recently. We’ll have the latest instructions back up in a couple of days, but meanwhile please use the link below to get to the document. Sorry for the trouble. Let me know if you have any questions or issues after going through it. Thanks.

A few other notes:
When programming the compute module via the SATA adapter board, do not have the drive or any USB peripherals connected. The CM programming process is sensitive to low voltage/current, so the load on the syystem should be minimized. After programming is complete and the SATA PCBA is powered off, connect your SATA drive and other peripherals.

Regarding what image to install, the current compute module is similar to the Raspberry Pi Model A+ (same CPU, videocore and RAM). The main difference is that the CM has 4GB on-board eMMC for software image installation instead of the microSD card that the other Pi models have. You can find may images on-line (e.g. download section, Raspbian Jessie Lite) that support the CM’s electronics and fit in 4GB.