INstallation of My Book World edition with Ubuntu 10.4

I have bought a WB my Book world edition, and have done the following

  1. connected the disk to the ruter

  2. Powered up the disk

But I canot see the disk in my system, the installation disk and instractions that come with teh box only refer to Windows and Mac.

I really dont know what I need to do and a relative newby with linux as well, can anyone Helpppppp!!!

Thank you in advance

Any advice???

Something like nmap might work. That should let you scan your network to find the IP address of your MBWE. Once you get that, you can start connecting to it by IP address.

I’m using Kubuntu and it works. Here’s how:

First find out the IP it took from the router via the router’s built-in DHCP server. Log into the router web interface and find where the leased (given to devices) IPs are listed. Find out which one was given to the My Book and go to that IP with your web browser.  From there you can add users and shares, then mount them in Ubuntu like any normal network share.

You might want to change the IP of My Book to a fixed one so that you don’t have to hunt it down every time the IP changes

Hope this helps