Installation of app via SSH in WD My Cloud EX4100

Hello is possible to install custom apps like in ubuntu via “apt-get install someapp”

Hello, The My Cloud EX4100 have a proprietary version of linux which I am not sure that can support the “apt-get” command. It should be simple to find out, just enable SSH and try to run apt-get if it recognize the command should tell you that you need to add something else like apt-get updateor other attribute. I do not have a EX4100 or I would try myself and see.

There is no form of a linux package manager on the EX4100. It uses docker for application installs, so any applications you install run in an isolated container with no impact on the OS.


What apps are you looking to install ? Some apps can be tweaked to run natively using “qnapware” packages. However I’ve not found a way to get these to start automatically on boot so need to SSH in and run a script every time the NAS is rebooted. Alternatively, you might be better off creating a Ubuntu or Debian based docker container and installing your apps within the container to do what you need. I have started to look at this for a VPN app called “softether” and it works quite well.



Doing the qnap / optware route is an unnecessary headache.

Just search for docker images built for armhf or armv7 for example although nzbget is an available app, you can also install it this way from the docker hub which has thousands of arm images. It’s as simple as using ssh and then executing this command

docker run -d
–name nzbget
–restart always
-p 6789:6789
-v /shares/Downloads/:/downloads
-v /shares/Downloads/.nzbget:/config

Now you’ll have your share named Downloads as the download path for nzbget and the config folder .nzbget in that folder as well. It’ll automatically restart with your system. No conversion of packages necessary, from there it is also easy enough to build a WD app using the guides outlined in the developer API so that it can be installed via the web interface.

Any app you want to install simply google
[app_name] armhf docker

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