Install program on My Cloud Mirror

My husband and I both need to access the same Quicken files. Is there a way to install a program onto the My Cloud Mirror so that it can be accessed by multiple computers?

The MCM should already be accessible to any machine on your network (given the correct set-up of shares and users/access priviledges to them). It is a network attached storage (NAS) drive, being available to all machines on the network is the whole point of its existence :slight_smile:

What you will need to do is create a share on the MCM (or use the already-existing public one on there) and then create users on the MCM which have read/write (full) access to that share (unless you are using the public share, in which case anyone on your network has full access to them anyway). If you put the Quicken files into that share, then you should be able to connect to the MCM, go into that share and see/use them as you would if they were stored on your local machine hard disk. If it’s easier then you can also map a drive to that share (you can do that via WD Quick View, or from Windows Explorer) and then just use that drive as you would a local one.

But beware that Quicken will probably (it should anyway) lock the file when it is opened by someone, which will prevent anyone else from opening it (or at least only allow them read-only access) so that there is no issue with multiple people making changes at once to the file and overwriting each others edits/changes.

Editted to add - also to be clear, Quicken should be installed locally on each of the machines that you want to use it on. Installing programs on a NAS drive and running them from there is not a good idea (both for speed and also configuration/locking issues), and indeed in many cases the install program may not allow you to do so anyway. But putting the data files that the program reads/writes on a NAS drive is perfectly fine. Just wanted to add that and make the distinction clear, given the title of your original post.

Quicken needing to be installed locally on each of the machines answers my question, yes. I was thinking that if I could use the mapped drive and install the program itself on that drive instead of the computer’s hard drive, the drive would function in such a way that the program could be opened on each computer.

However, you did provide another option with saving just the file itself and possibly being able to open it from there. I just didn’t think to look at it from that approach because I only use one Quicken file and it automatically opens when I open the Quicken program, in addition to the fact that I never close the file while leaving the Quicken program itself open… Basically, it just did not occur to me that the file can stand alone from the program (big DUH moment on my part…). Thank you for giving me that different perspective.

Quicken is not the only program that we need to run on multiple machines that need to share files. Another one is our homeschool curriculum. The perspective you provided gives me ideas on how to accomplish that as well, so that school work can be accessed from each computer instead of one specific computer. Thank you!

I’ll play around with it and see if the programs lock the files to read-only, and I’ll let you know here.