Install Git Server on MyCloud Mirror

I have read posts that reference a git server app available for the MyCloud Mirror. However I do not see the app in the portal. Does anyone know if I can manually install this app?

Hi there,

If you go to the dashboard on the unit and go to the apps section you will be able to see a plus sign, once you click on it you will be able to see different apps that can be installed and git should show up on that list.

Hope this helps.

Hi ArMak,

I do not see git listed under the available apps, however this is an option to install apps manually. Is there a way I can download and install it using that?

Hi thaynes,

i think i have the same problem as you had. do you’ve still found any solution for this?

Nope. I tried to get support from WD but after three months and escalating my ticket about 6 times I never got this resolved. Let me know if you figure it out I would love to use mine for SC!

Got the same problem and no answer from the support. Is there any chance to install a git server on my cloud mirror 2. gen?

Anyone got this working ?. I would like to have git running on my WD My Cloud drive

You have Mirror Gen2? So, there is no Git available for this device.
But its available on MG1, so i can repack it for G2. Wait few time.

Alternative: Use my Chrooted Debian and install what you want inside it.

Did anyone come up with a solution? I have the same issue with my Gen2

yep! download .bin app from other model, like EX2, and change in file first seven bytes to 47 72 61 6E 64 54 65 5A