Install Debian on WD My Cloud home


I read in Install Debian on WD My Cloud home - #170 by juniornerd
"The easiest way is to download OMV from Fox_exe file archive ( 13. Extract it to a USB stick (FAT formatted, format with windows, not linux). Then you put that into the USB port and reset. After some Minutes you should be able to access http://wdnas 9
Then you can log in via SSH and follow the guide at Lötzimmer: Debian on WD My Cloud Home single-bay (MCH) - part 1 ( 24"

DEbian 9 + OMV 4 seems easy: Fox_exe file archive

Wouldn’t it be easier to create a 7z file with debian buster + Alex N kernel + all fixes (led,etc…) + OMV 5 like did?


Hi! I iinstall default fox debian (debian9 + OMV4) from 4pda because i don’t know about linux and steps are easy

I have simple problem, can you help me please?::


Hi bertek,
I created a blog post referencing your solution:

I was able to install Debian 11 and OMV 6.
For your storage problem, I do not have a real good solution. I opened the MCH and put the HD into my computer. I first deleted all partitions starting from sataa20 and created bigger partitions instead.

Hi Alex-N,
Can this be used to modify the partitions? E.g. for changing the partition size?
If you do not open the case and manually repartition the /, /usr and /var partitions you may run into storage problems. It would be good to have a larger / partition instead.

@Alex-N With Debian 11 disk doesn’t stay in sleep mode, it immediately turns on when it goes to sleep. When checking forlder2ram status it shows “/var/log is NOT mounted”. Any idea?

Yeah, it’s already been bugging me…
This is probably due to some systemd change in Bullseye. I am also looking into it. Maybe someone is quicker to uncover the reason behind this behavior.

I got this with folder2ram -mountall

will now start all mountpoints start /var/log cp: preserving permissions for ‘//.journal’: Operation not supported

The quick fix is to delete /var/log/journal which will make the syslog NON-persistent.
The underlying problem is that folder2ram tries to copy some additional ACL which doesn’t work

Does anyone tried to upgrade a debian buster with OMV 5 to the bullseye version?

Yeah, can confirm that deleting it fix mount error. Another thing, does anyone had any connection problem after sending a reboot via ssh? Sometimes needs to be unplugged physically to get back working

I use Debian10 from weeks but now nothing works. Seems space problem. How i can resize the partitions to being more space?

I do WD My Cloud Home to Linux Server – 5. HD standby and log file purge – Nerdy Projects / Nerdprojekte ( … i don’t know how this is full


Is the bootloader source code available somewhere? you have the full sources including the bootloader. the easiest way for compiling is using the docker image from sinovoip Docker Hub

By the way, if someone wants to regain the 256 MB of ram lost because of the transcoder reserved memory, you need to edit rtd-129x-ion-1GB.dtsi from the kernel source, in this file are the exact memory reserved in hexadecimal format followed by the amount in numbers ( like this: (0x0b800000) // 184M) I try to erase the "#include “rtd-129x-ion-1GB.dtsi” argument, but then it doesn’t boot, so I change the reserved memory hexadecimal values of the dtsi file to a value of 1024 (1MB), then you just need to compile the kernel and boot it. And if someone with knowledge of programming language want to help, I’m trying to edit the bootloader so we can boot the kernel 4.9 and use for example openwrt and the rtk wrapper for hw media acceleration, but is a slow process because I go with try and error.