Instable connection after updating to Mac OSx 10.9 Mavericks


I’ve just updated my mac from snow leopard to mavericks and the Live Duo was recognized properly

but sometimes the connection was gone. So i downloaded the My Book Live Duo Setup to see if that would help

but the setup can’t find a Live Duo drive on my network.

Are there more users with problems after updating to Mavericks?

Edit: Yes i have the lastest firmware on the My Book.

Greetings, Rick

Hi rickterveen, if you’re having intermittent access, try setting a static IP for the My Book Live Duo.

Good day,

I am experiencing problems with seeing my iMac from my WD TV Live Plus once I have updated 10.9

I have shared folders as per previous configuration but nothing happens, please advice.

My whole network is on static IP so also the My Book.

right now i’m using Aperture and the library is saved on the drive

but the connection keeps dropping.

Also mapping the drive doesn’t work, looks like the same problem that i have

with windows, he doesn’t accept the login codes when mapping the drive.

But he does accept them when the mac regonizes the drive on the network.

How are you guys trying to access the drive?  Finder?  Try this:

Click GO > Connect to Server…

Under server address type:


where is the IP address of your My Book Live Duo and click connect