Insanely Slow to Delete Files

I have a WD MyCloud 1TB NAS. To say that it is insanely slow would be to say that Charles Manson is a little nutty. Clicking on a folder takes 30 seconds to open. Trying to delete a file from the drive - not even transfer it - I’m getting about 0.6 MB/s. And I’m just trying to delete old files so I can set up a new backup. I’ve left it overnight for a GB deletion, and come back to the bar barely moving. At this rate, it’ll probably take me 3 more weeks just to wipe the drive. I’m considering Youtubing me smashing it with a hammer.

Although I’m not moving any files, for what it’s worth, everything is GB on the network, and the cable light indicates a GB connection. I have the same results regardless of the PC I use to access the drive. I really don’t know where to start here, because what could affect just deleting a file from the drive itself? It’s all internal - no cables, no other devices involved. Help?

what are you using to delete the files? finder/explorer/WD app etc?

is this on the local LAN? or remote?

do you have ssh access? If so run top and past the results

run a performance test on a mapped drive with somthing like diskmark

i have never timed deletions but a couple hundred files I am sure was well under 30 seconds

it will never be as fast as a local disk but this sounds like a serious issue.

Are you able to provide an image of what you are seeing after you choose delete? How did you select delete?

I deleted a 1.95 GB movie yesterday and it disappeared immediately. Now that section of the disk is available.

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cat0w (USA)

Well, I finally got the files deleted. After rebooting and updating the driver, it was faster. Still slow, but faster.

Windows explorer on the LAN. Idk what ssh is.

Diskmark results (on an empty drive):

          Read       Write

Seq        58.71    40.38

512k      19.02     22.11

4k            0.301     0.811

4kQD32  0.366      0.717

Is this what I should be getting? BTW, it is a 2TB, not a 1TB as I said earlier.

Also, is there maintenance that should be done on the drive, such as defragging? How would you go about doing that - just through Windows as usual?

Thanks, Nick

what “driver” did you update? this is a NAS drive and Windoes has everything needed to access it without any additional drivers

the performans numbers seem reasonable except the 4K and especially the 4kqd32 write speeds

what firmware is on the mycloud?

how many media files have you copied to it? how long before the deletion?

how often do you reboot the mycloud? It should be left on 24x7

I think the Windows driver - it popped up on my screen. I also updated all the various software for the device - Smartware, etc. I checked for the newest firmware and it was on auto update anyway - version 4.01.02-417.

I now have about 40,000 files total backed up on there, for about 97 GB. I don’t really ever reboot it. Before the last reboot, it was 47 days.

I hadn’t really paid any attention to it until recently when I swapped some drives on my computer and moved some files around, so I wanted to wipe everything out and start with fresh backup to match my new configuration. So, I don’t know if it had always been like this or not.