Input/Output error is getting displayed in my linux mint system when I try to connect just purchased new WD My passport Ultra

Just 3 hours before I got my new WD My passport Ultra. And tried to connect to my laptop which is operating with Linux mint cinnamon. Then it is automatically mounted in system. And I am able to copy the files to and from with the use of Terminal. But while listing out the files with “ls -ltrh” command, it was showing permission like, d??? ? ? ? ? ? bin. And I am unable to explore the files using graphical user interface file explorer. Please make valuable suggestions.

You could try testing the unit using WD Drive Utilities, but it does not support Linux at the time of this post. A Windows-based or Mac-based system will be required in order to test your hard drive with official tools. If the application does not highlight a drive issue then we would need to consider a compatibility or driver issue.