Initializing took half an hour, firstly frightening me with file detection

I haven’t used my MyCloud 3Tb for a couple days. All the issues seemed to be sorted.

But today, I had to do a little backup.

Firstly, it took 15 minutes for the device to startup (flashing white led).

I connected to it through the web gui using my local IP, and found the following, as the led finally turned blue:

And then :

Explorer tends to believe I have 947Gb free. Copying to the device works.

EDIT After 35 minutes, finally good appreciation of free space.

But how come it took so much time ? This isn’t normal.

Yes, that is normal.  However, it does not affect accesing the drive.

Even if I’m open-minded, I fail to see how this is normal.

I’ve been using that device every second or third day since I’ve had it, and it’s the first time it took 15 minutes to start being connectable (white led flashing turning blue) and 20 minutes before the “initializing” warning sign disappeared.

If my PC takes that amount of time at startup, that means there is some type of hardware or software failure.

To me it seems that the device sometimes has quite random a behaviour.

Was the OS coded with the terms “abusive relationship” in mind ?

Are you shutting it down by pulling the power, or are you doing a commanded shutdown?

I’m always using the shutdown button in the GUI, and waiting for the led to stop flashing/being lit.

You’re right to ask though, it’s as if there had been a repair on the way. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.