Initializing after a failed Firmware Update

Just pulled out my Mybook Live 2 TB drive and rehooked it up to the network.  It wanted to do a firmware update.  I let it go ahead, and it disconnected from the network (cannot remember what the wording was) because I thought it finished updating the firmware.  Well anyway it must have failed because now I am getting an Intializing device.  Please wait…

It has been there for several hours.  What should I do?  I cannot access the dashboard because of this error.

Thanks for any help received.


This is most unfortunate. I would recommend a second power cycle. If the unit does not change in behavior afterwards, then it may need to be replaced under warranty.

The for the reply Jstaff.  I have power cycled many times.  I was able to finally access it through the supplied software, but I have only been able to get to the Public Folder.  So all is not lost yet anyway.  Is there any way of updating the firmware because I cannot get into the dashboard without it Initializing the Device.

Thanks for you help.


At this moment, all supported firmware update methods require Dashboard access.

Ok.  So my MBL is completely worthless to me then,  if I cannot get into the dashboard to fix anything.  So what would be my next step then.  Would I exchange it under warranty?  If so, what are the steps to get it exchanged?

Thanks for the help.

If under warranty, you have the option to RMA it. Open a case with WD for it.  However, if you need to recover files, WD will not do that for you.

If you need to recover files by opening the case, then it will void your warrant. Here is a link how to recover files and restore MBL.

Now, nfodiz I believe has guides out there how to do the firware, search for his guides. Also see this one…

if not under warrenty, then you can do a debrick proceedure and rescue the drive. It will set the firmware to the prior version.  The problem you have with teh failed firmware update is very common. The only solution is to debrick it. There is a guide on this forum how to do teh process.