Inhalte gemischter Ordner


neu hier; neuer WDTV-Live-Nutzer.

Installation problemlos; WD-TV findet mein NAS, kann drauf zugreifen.

Ich habe auf dem NAS einige gemischte Ordner mit Fotos und Videos.

Die WD TV live zeigt mir aber unter Menü-Punkt Fotos nur Fotos/keine Videos an, unter Menü-Punkt Videos nur Videos/keine Bilder - so weit noch logisch. Unter Menü-Punkt Datei werden aber auch nur die Fotos angezeigt; die Videos aber nicht.

Gibt´s dafür einen Grund bzw. kann man das ändern?

Vielen Dank für Lösungsvorschläge.

New WD live owner. Installation without problems, my NAS was found and I can get there by using the WD menu.

When watching folder with pictures AND video I can only see pictures when watching from the WD Picture Menu (seems to be quite logical) but whne watching the folder from the data Menu there still are only pictures and the video files aren´t displayed.

Is there a setting to change to enable visability of both pictures and videos and of course to watch the in a combined picture-video show?

Thanks for hints!

Hello, if you are referring to the file manager, all of your files should appear from that window. To organize all of your files, you can try turning ON the media library. Check page 35 of the manual for more information.

I tried using the file manager, but still in the “photo” folder only photos are displayed.

But maybe it´s the Index service of my synology nas media index service… I will try

Tried to re-index my synology media server including indexing video in my photo folder but still even if I use the file manager only photos are displayed in the mixed photo video folders.