Infuse Pro remote access

Does anyone else use their WD My Cloud NAS as a media library for Infuse Pro (iOS or tvOS)…? I have everything set up correctly for local access, but lately I’ve been trying to figure out with remote access is possible or not…

I am trying to figure out if I can use Infuse on my iPad or Apple TV to access my media library on My Cloud EX2 - whenever I am away from home. My devices are as follows:

WD My Cloud EX2 — media library is stored here
AirPort Extreme (802.11ac) — this is my router
Arris SurfBoard 6183 — this is my modem
Infuse Pro 5 on iOS 11 or tvOS 11

I assume I would need to setup something on the MyCloud or Router with DynamicDNS or GlobalName but I have no idea how any of that works. So im basically wondering if any of this is possible?

If Infuse Pro has a remote access feature, then yes.

The My Cloud app is very good at remote access. Plex mobile app also has this feature,

Thanks for the quick response!

Do you have any experience setting this up? Or any similar remote access setup…

Im not sure if Dynamic DNS or SSH is what needs to be setup? And what needs to be setup on my router side?

Basically I need to know what steps need to be taken with the MyCloudEX2 + AirPort Extreme (router) in order to access a Shared Folder remotely via FTP.

I only have the free Infuse and don’t often use it. I use the two above and a couple of other apps sometimes. Your user manual for the WD device tells you how to set up. My suggestion is to use the FREE My Cloud app to start with. If you get that working you can get other apps working. You need do nothing with the router, I believe. It;s been a while since I set up streaming and remote access, and the manuals helped me do it. The MC device needs some setting in its Dashboard. One is remote access, and likely some others. Check the complete user manual for MC.

Im already pretty familiar with the MyCloud features and have used the MyCloud apps plenty…

But I am ready to have remote access for folders using FTP or WebDav, so I am looking for help ith those setups, please.

The user manual does not dive into any details as far as ‘remote access’ setups are concerned. But if I am wrong, please copy-paste or link me to something I missed…