Indexing photos stalls

My MBL keeps stalling when indexing my photos. It gets most of them but one directory stops at 140 pictures. If I take all the other folders away and rebuild then it will index that directory fine. Put all the other folders back and rebuild and it stalls again. Sometimes in the same directory, sometimes in a different one. I get the rebuilds running overnight so nothing else acesses the drive and stops it. Any ideas? Thanks

Are you indexing the pictures with Twonky or with another application?  If it is with Twonky I suggest you to reset Twonky to factory defaults, and also reset the MBL by holding its reset button for 4 seconds.

Thanks for your ideas. I am just using the MBL to index and view in wdphotos app. Yes I have reset MBL and cleared the app cache after a rescan. Next steps…?

Same problem here. I have ~38,000 photos in the Shared Photos folder with the following subdirectory structure:

/ /

It’s currently stalled at 18,971 photos and has been for several days. Worse than that, this is the second go at it over the course of nearly a month since I bought the 3TB MBL.Entire years are missing. Some months and date-subject folders are missing in years that do appear. Even some date-subject folders are incomplete and missing numerous photos.

From advice in other threads I’ve done the following:

  1. Turned remote access on and off.

  2. Rebooted the MBL.

  3. Cleared the cache in the app.

  4. Rebuilt the database on the WD2GO server via the button on the MBL UI.

Still no love. Looking at the mediacrawler.log I see lots of entries like this one:

May  5 09:14:41 MarcGuidoNAS mediacrawler: Processed 1 events
May  5 09:14:41 MarcGuidoNAS mediacrawler: Rate of inotify event 0
May  5 09:14:42 MarcGuidoNAS mediacrawler: Going to walk /shares/Public/Shared Pictures/2012/04/2012-04-28 Alta in handleChangeFolder and found is 0
May  5 09:14:42 MarcGuidoNAS mediacrawler: Finished walk. Walk started at /shares/Public/Shared Pictures/2012/04/2012-04-28 Alta
May  5 09:14:42 MarcGuidoNAS mediacrawler: Total folders/files (re)indexed: 1/13
May  5 09:14:42 MarcGuidoNAS mediacrawler: The time taken: 0
May  5 09:14:42 MarcGuidoNAS mediacrawler: Actively watching 16968 folders
May  5 09:14:42 MarcGuidoNAS mediacrawler: Handled 1 events in 1 seconds
May  5 09:14:42 MarcGuidoNAS mediacrawler: ======

That folder has 15 valid JPG files in it. If I understand that log correctly it found one folder and indexed zero files within. It also believes that there is one folder and 12 files within, which is incorrect. Furthermore not a single folder from 2012 is visible to me in WDphotos.

Also on my network is an always-on desktop machine upon which I’m running a Subsonic server for music (I highly, highly recommend it for ubiquitous access to your music and controlled sharing with others) and a Tonido server for mobile access to everything else. The Tonido server stores the thumbs on the server rather than in the client like WDphotos, so it’s not as fast and therefore not an optimal solution but at least all of my photos are available anywhere – via a mobile client or a web interface on any browser.

I’d prefer to use WDphotos because of its speed due to caching of thumbs on the client. I’m about to give up on WDphotos, however, as a failed implementation of a good idea, but if anyone has any other suggestions I’m all ears. Given the number of threads on this subject dating back for nearly a year it appears that WD isn’t terribly interested in fixing an obvious issue: