Incremental Backup

I’ve done a backup of my stuff two weeks ago. How can I increment this backup with the new files I’ve created since then? The WD Smartware do not show any option to do that, I plug the drive but the software do not recognize there are new stuff to be backed up, and the button “execute backup” remains disabled.


I have exactly the same problem.  I now have 34 Gigs of data waiting for backup and I can’t do it except by unistalling the software and reinstalling.  I have tried everything I can think of but with no luck.  Sorry I can’t help. 

I have been having the same problem for almost 6 months with no resolution making the drive useless to me. The solution you suggest seems like just creating a second (double) set of backup files. Does incremental backup work after doing this one time or do you have to do it each time?