Incremental Backup Of One MBL To Another MBL Using rsync

I appreciate that this topic has been raised before but I’m a novice Linux user and would like some advice please.

I’ve got two MBL, Drive A contains all my file, pictures, music etc and Drive B I want to use as a backup.  I don’t want to use Safepoints as I understand they only provide a mirror copy.  I have several shares on both drives e.g. Pictures, Music, Software, Documents etc.  All are private shares accessible by the drive admin, there are no other users

I’ve enabled SSH on both drives and edited /etc/default/rsync on both drives to enable rsync.  However I’m now at a loss as to how I can automate the backup process to backup incrementally each share on Drive A to its corresponding one on Drive B.  I understand that I may have to create a file: /etc/rsyncd.conf and create a cron job to run regular backups, but I have no idea how to do this.

A simple step by step beginners guide would be greatly appreciated if anyone can oblige.

Thank you

I am far from being a Unix expert, but there is plenty of help how to create a cron job on the internet such as:

What might help you is:

MLB runs a version of Debian Lenny…

Thanks for the info.

Since posting my query I came across this article which has solved my problem:

Rsync Date Stamped, Snapshot Style, Incremental Backups