Incredibly SLOW iTunes downloads

Copying to and from the NAS is fine. However my iTunes downloads are stupidly slow. I can only get 1Mb/s when downloading anything. If I made another iTunes library and download directly to my SSD the speeds are super fast. In fact I was getting faster download speeds with my old USB 2.0 drive connected!

Any ideas on why the speeds are so slow? I tried to connect as admin, rather than as guest but it made no difference. Time Machine is also totally fine, estimtating about 4 hours for 150GB.

So what gives?


Check your firewall settings. Make sure that you are allowing permission to the incomming connetion.

Firewall settings are fine, I tested a direct download to my HDD and speeds are fine. It is only when downloading to the Mybook that speeds tank.

Any ideas peeps?  I have a 120mbps connection and am only getting 1MB/s download speeds!